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Curo provides investors with exciting opportunities within the commercial property sector.

We Make The Inaccessible Accessible

Few investors have sufficient funds to invest directly in a substantial commercial property. Limited partnerships and unit trusts, on or off-shore, allow investors access to commercial property which would otherwise be beyond their financial resources. Curo structures these funds to make them available to a combination of private investors and/or SIPPs SASSs and pension funds.

Following the acquisition of a property, Curo utilises its asset management skills with a view to enhancing either income or capital values or a combination of the two. Such asset management opportunities can add considerably to investors’ returns.

Curo is not regulated by the FSA and all regulated activities are carried out by an independent FSA authorised and regulated operator.

  • Kevin Crighton

For Funds currently available:

  • If you are an Investment Professional, Sophisticated Investor or other Authorised Intermediary, please contact Neil Gullan or Kevin Crighton on 020 8334 0290, or
  • If you do not fall into any of the above categories, please in the first instance, contact your Financial Adviser.